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Cynster Series

The Promise in a Kiss (Sebastian, Helena) (2001)
Devil's Bride (Devil, Honoria) (1998)
A Rake's Vow (Vane, Patience) (1998)
Scandal's Bride (Scandal, Catriona) (1999)
A Rogue's Proposal (Demon, Flick) (1999)
A Secret Love (Gabriel, Alathea) (2000)
All About Love (Lucifer, Phyllida) (2001)
All About Passion (Gyles, Francesca) (2001)
On a Wild Night (Amanda, Martin) (2002)
On a Wicked Dawn (Amelia, Luc) (2002)
The Perfect Lover (Simon, Portia) (2003)
The Ideal Bride (Michael, Caro) (2004)
The Truth about Love (Gerrard, Jacqueline) (2005)
What Price Love? (Dillon, Pris) (2006)
The Taste of Innocence (Charlie, Sarah) (2007)
Temptation and Surrender (Jonas, Emily) (2009)

Other Books

Inpetuous Innocent
The Reasons for Marraige

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